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Develop Your Post-Agile Process Mashup with the Software Development Game

Post-Agile themes like “process fusion” or “mashup” or “doing what works for you” can be difficult to quantify and execute. Without a structure, how do teams determine what to do in an optimal fashion? If people just do whatever they feel like, or have a chaotic process that doesn’t support consistent software development, the team is going to run into problems. Some teams are good at doing this naturally – they have the right mix of skill, communication and buy-in to move forward with implicit structure. However, not all teams share this trait. Enter the Software Development Game (SDG). David McFadzean and Jonathan Kohl have gamified decision making, rule and policy creation and the process to determine an optimal mashup of processes, tools and technology at any given time. Check out the article here: The Software Development Game.

The SDG is a reflective process for developing private policy. Using concepts from gamification, it enables an organization to develop a near-optimal process for developing software that fits the organization’s unique requirements.┬áSince the SDG is inherently adaptive, the organization can experiment with policies taken from existing methodologies, keeping what works best, and discarding ones that are more trouble than they’re worth.